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GSSC are very pleased and proud to announce that they have achieved the Healthy Schools Bronze Award - Congratulations to everyone!

School Council


GSSC has a very active School Council, We meet every two weeks and work really hard to support the school, our friends and help to make choices when something needs changing, updating or we just need something new. There are eight pupils on the School Council and two staff supporters/facilitators.

We have to date achieved a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum award for our work with the School Council and with the wider community.

The School Council are actively involved in the recruitment of new staff and are involved in a recruitment panel where pupil voice is welcomed and celebrated as they interview the candidates and feedback their views to the Senior Leadership Team.

The school are very proud of the work that the council do and encourage and support us so that we may continue to make a difference for as many young people as we can at school and the wider community. All the pupils in school are encouraged to attend a meeting throughout the year. We have also made links with other Schools in Northampton and plan to meet with other young people to continue to share our ideas, and support other pupils and our friends at school.

The whole school (pupils, staff and visiting professionals) vote in the first week of May each year during our 'British Values Week', for their next elected School Council Representatives.  We appoint, 2 pupils from each Key Stage (Key Stages 3, 4 and 5).  Pupils who wish to be elected to the School Council are supported by their peers to put together an 'Election Campaign'.


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