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Greenfields Specialist School for Communication

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GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024



At Greenfields Specialist School for Communication, we endeavour to maintain and progress the physical capabilities of our pupils. We are fortunate to have access to a range of expertise and experience in this area. All pupils in school have access to activities, which will challenge their physical needs and widen their experiences.

We have a Hydrotherapy Pool onsite which Curriculum teams have weekly access to, enabling them to work with their pupils to develop their physical mobility and range of movement, as well as relaxation with sensory lighting and the warmth of the water.

We have a dedicated Movement Assistant who works with our pupils on their mobility and relaxation skills through Yoga. We also do Rebound Therapy across the school in our Rebound suite.

At Greenfields, our pupils are encouraged to reach their Personal Best and this is encouraged through all elements of mobility. We have a wide range of mobility equipment with our pupils have access to throughout the day.


Our pupils at Greenfields access a wide range of mobility opportunities. They develop their confidence and the social interaction, as well as their physical abilities. They are able to access their specialist equipment throughout the day and this becomes an inherent part of their learning experience. We are proud of the opportunities that our pupils have and the determination and resilience they demonstrate to achieve their personal best in these areas.


Mobility is inherent to all areas of the curriculum and is applied throughout the school. We have pupils with a spectrum of abilities and have the equipment to meet their needs. Many of our pupils have specialist equipment, including walking and standing frames, which are used in conjunction with the Physiotherapy team working in school. We also have different levels of mobility equipment including body boards to propel at ground level, Go karts, specialist trikes and bikes, which are allocated and explored dependent on the abilities of each individual.

Pupils have regular access to the Hydrotherapy pool, which is used by both class groups and as individual sessions with as part of Physio blocks and Conductive Education. Thrive offer OT support and advice to allow for mobility equipment to be used to create opportunities for sensory regulation. Pupils are encouraged to maintain or develop not only their physical movements but also their confidence around water. Pupils across the school are able to access Rebound Therapy. This takes place on the trampoline and challenges the vestibular system as well as their muscle tone through a planned programme of movement. With permissions for medical needs, pupils of all physical abilities are able to take part in lessons and can be challenged at their own levels.

Many of the Detectives and Explorers from our Pre-formal curriculum have regular access to Yoga session with our Yoga specialists. This enables pupils to experience a level of relaxation that they may find difficult to achieve on their own and is therefore not only working on their physical wellbeing, but also their mental wellbeing and resilience for learning.