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GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024

Extended Services

At GSSC extra-curricular provision is something that we promote very strongly, we see this as an opportunity for our pupils to have fun, whilst continuing to forge and strengthen friendships, explore new skills and boost confidence.

We see out-of-school activities are not just an optional extra, but an important part of pupils’ education and development and because of this we try to develop activities that benefit all of our pupils to help create a positive approach to learning.

Our aim at GSSC is to offer 100% of our pupils the opportunity to take part in an extra-curricular club; as well as sports club e.g. Archery we try to encourage other subjects such as Dance, Drama, Music, Massage and many more!

For some of our pupils attendance at an After School Club is not possible so we also aim to offer Lunchtime Clubs. These include a very signing choir.

FUN (Family Unite Night)

Family Unite Night has become a popular event on the school calendar. Twice a year pupils are invited back to school between 4 and 7pm with their parents, carers, brothers, sisters and extended Families to use the school’s resources, facilitated by school staff.

Sessions in the hydrotherapy pool, rebound (trampoline) room, club house, optimusic, archery, sensory room and around the campfire are some of the choices.

Look out for information coming your way soon and book your slot quick!  (All places on a first come first served basis – choose from 1 to 3 different activities).  Please contact Sarah Durham-Pearse at school for any further information.