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Greenfields Specialist School for Communication

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GSSC are very pleased and proud to announce that they have achieved the Healthy Schools Bronze Award - Congratulations to everyone!



At Greenfields Specialist School for Communication, Maths at pre-formal and semi-formal level is taught throughout our RIDE curriculum where pupils have the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts. We focus on the early mathematic skills needed for everyday living and measure engagement so that all pupils are interested and involved in learning. We choose engaging topics which allow us to teach mathematics skills across the curriculum at a level appropriate for each individual pupils stage of learning.  Pupils operating within our formal curriculum also receive discrete maths lessons.

Maths has a particular focus on the timetable through 'My Thinking and Problem Solving’. We have a ‘Core Skills’ syllabus for those pupils able to access discrete maths including early number work, shape, time, pattern and measure. As pupils progress through the school, maths is taught to ready our pupils with the skills required for their next destination post GSSC.


Maths taught through the RIDE curriculum will encourage the skills needed for greater independence.  Pupils will be taught to use mathematic skills to support learning in life skills such as cooking and woodwork. This provides the pupils with a clear purpose and goal for engaging in mathematical learning. Pupils learn to recognise themselves and objects as one, and begin to explore this in relation to everything around them. Being taught to access mathematics in context will support daily living and increase pupil's abilities to make choices and decisions. We aim to teach our pupils mathematical skills to help communicate needs and wants and to be able to participate in a greater range of activities within the family home and wider community.


Our RIDE curriculum has a 5 year rolling programming of engaging themes to interest learning inside and outside of the classroom. Through these topics, pupils have their own individual pathways of education suited to their individual stage of learning.

In our Pre-Formal curriculum, maths is taught through a focused approach on communication. For them to be able to participate in mathematical tasks pupils first need to be able to communicate.

We move on to a more mathematical focus through ‘My thinking and Problem solving’ which is embedded in both the semi-formal and Formal curriculum. Here pupils learn skills in a an organised and structured format to support formal mathematics teaching.

Over-arching our Semi-formal and Formal curriculum we focus on Early Core Maths Skills.

These teach formal written and mental arithmetic techniques. Preparing pupils for structured environments and further education after school.