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GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024

Annual Reviews

All pupil at GSSC have an Annual Review of their EHC Plan and Outcomes.  Two weeks before the meeting Parents/Carers receive a comprehensive school report containing information and photographs highlighting pupil progress and achievements from the previous year.

In the meeting pupil progress is discussed both in terms of EHC Plan including outcomes, as part of the legal requirement and how the pupil is generally performing in class and around school.  As well as the school’s view, the Parent/Carer has an opportunity to share their thoughts and input is given from any other relevant professionals present.

It is also our aim to ensure that we hold the reviews for all pupils in Years 11 and 13 pupils in the Autumn Term.

  • For pupils in Year 11 who wish or whose parents/carers wish to apply for a Post 16 place at GSSC a completed application form must be submitted prior to the review meeting (these will be sent out to all Year 11 pupils at the start of the academic year in which they enter Year 11)
  • For pupils in Year 13 this is their final transition review held in school, discussions will take place regarding future placements post GSSC

As a school we view all annual reviews as equally important to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils.  We would therefore request that parents/carers endeavour to attend these meetings to enable all views to be shared with the EHCP Team.  It is extremely difficult to reschedule any of these meetings due to time-frames and availability, therefore if you are unable to attend please inform our Office Manager Sara Stubbs as soon as possible, who will ensure that any information that you wish to be considered by the EHCP Team is shared with them as part of the review process. 

If you receive any reports from other professionals that you would also like to be included please bring to the meeting or send a copy FAO: Sara Stubbs to