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GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024

Online Safety/IT


The overarching aim of computing at GSSC is that each pupil can successfully access a range of equipment that will complement and improve their independent life skills. It provides them with opportunities to make choices, to cause actions and to share their thoughts, understanding and feelings with others.

We seek to engage the pupils in their learning and application of their knowledge of on-line safety through whole school focused days, research, and work showing how to be safe online made in school by the children themselves.


The benefit of having computing opportunities running continuously throughout the school day is that all children can make choices, express desires, cause actions, communicate and show their ideas to friends, peers, their families and the wider community. Being aware of on-line safety creates an environment where good choices can be made and help sought at the earliest opportunity. Each step towards being more independent is celebrated with the pupils and promotes confidence and self-belief, paving the way to adulthood.


Computing and on-line safety is built into the daily working of all classrooms in ways that are bespoke to the children accessing the equipment.

Many children use buttons, switches, eyegaze, reflective clothing and various augmented technology to enable them to make choices and selections with Optimusic, Fitlights, interactive whiteboards and Powerlink boxes to operate electrical equipment (such as blenders in the kitchen). 

Pre-formal curriculum

Pupils practise with a range of equipment that can provide them with the opportunity they need, be it to stimulate their vision or body (e.g. light boxes and sensory torches), to relax themselves (e.g. vibrating cushions and colourful bubble tubes), or to immerse themselves in full sensory experiences in the sensory room or the clubhouse.

Semi-formal and Formal level

Pupils accessing the curriculum at these stages use ICT equipment to work on their life and living skills, practising skills that will benefit them as they grow older and form a key part of their OCR accreditation.

Examples of this can range from:

Semi-formal – learning basic computing skills such turning on ICT devices, using a mouse to make selections, using a keyboard, and navigating the internet.

Formal - researching on the internet to find recipes they would like to make, through to using kitchen equipment to create their final product, writing newspaper articles or sending e-mails.

In our library, GSSC has several adapted computers that can be used with a keyboard, switch or touch screen to access work in office-based packages or on-line. Each class also benefits from interactive whiteboards that are used daily by the pupils where music and visuals are combined to work through sensory schedules.