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Greenfields Specialist School for Communication

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GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024

Multi-Agency Working

At GSSC we have colleagues from Health and Social Care working in our school. Some disciplines are based here on a full-time basis and others visit on a planned basis.

Educational Psychologists, Orthotists, the School Dental Service, staff from the Hearing and Visual Impairment Services, Wheelchair Services, Social Workers, the Continence Service, Paediatricians and Connexions Advisors are among the staff who support the pupils.

Staff who are based in the school for all or part of the week include:

Speech and Language Therapists

Speech and Language Therapists are employed by the Northamptonshire Provider Services and visit GSSC on a weekly basis. Communication is central to all learning and the development of communication is highly valued at Greenfields. All classroom staff, Speech and Language Therapists and Parent/Carers share the responsibility in enabling a pupil to achieve the best possible communication in all environments.

At GSSC all pupils’ individual means of communication are recognised and respected. A total communication environment is promoted where all types of communication are used including the use of photos, pictures, symbols, objects of reference, non-verbal communication, light and high tech devices.

The Speech and Language Therapists support and facilitate pupils who need help in the following areas:

  1. Understanding
  2. Being understood by others
  3. Forming sentences
  4. Communication in different ways e.g. sign, symbols, communication books
  5. Learning to use a communication aid
  6. Developing social skills
  7. Eating and drinking

The work of the Speech and Language Therapy Team may include:

  1. Giving advice to staff and parents on the most appropriate communication for children
  2. Working with teachers to facilitate opportunities for communication
  3. Training staff in all aspects of communication
  4. Liaising with other professionals at meetings
  5. Organising group or individual sessions to support communication
  6. Setting targets for the annual review process

The Speech and Language Therapists also form part of the Northamptonshire team that specialises in Augmentative and Alternative Communication.


The Physiotherapists at GSSC help to improve the gross motor skills and mobility of the pupils. They advise school staff on a range of activities including:

  1. Exercise routines
  2. Games that can be done in PE
  3. Positioning of pupils during the day

They Conduct:

  1. Individual exercise sessions
  2. Aquatic therapy sessions

Assessments are carried out to:

  1. To advise on the use of specialist equipment such as standing frames and mobility aids
  2. To advise on  the provision of specialist orthotics such as splints and gaiters
  3. To Support pupils’ Statement of Special Educational needs when physical problems might impact on their ability to access the curriculum

School Nurse Advisor

A School Nurse is part of the Children and Young Persons Nursing service in Special Educational settings in Northamptonshire, employed through Northamptonshire PCT.

The role of the School Nurse is to promote the health and wellbeing of all pupils, and to enable the pupils to reach their potential and not be disadvantaged through ill health.

This includes organising Health Reviews with the  Community Consultant Paediatrician, planning and delivering scheduled immunisations, routine health screening, advice/support, liaising with other multi-disciplinary team members, administering medication, drop in sessions for parents and carers, supporting and teaching staff to carry out Gastrostomy feeds, managing Asthma, Epilepsy, intermittent catheterisation and administering emergency medication.