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School Reopens to Pupils on Wednesday 6th September 2023

Post 16


At Greenfields Specialist School for Communication our Post 16 provision intends that learners are prepared for their future destinations whether that be college, day centres or any other alternative provision.

Pupils are required to be able to engage with their learning and access work experience opportunities  on or offsite as appropriate to the develop of their individual potential work skills.

We continue to develop communication, self-esteem and confidence for the future.

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Our curriculum at Post 16 continues with pupils’ individual curriculum delivery following the RIDE curriculum and develops accreditation further building on previous successes from Key Stage 4.

The curriculum alongside other forms of accreditation including the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, ensures pupils have a breadth of opportunity to generalise their skills preparing them for future life beyond GSSC.  

The Post 16 provision encompasses GSSC Café Laurel where applied learning achieves accreditation through the skills associated with running a café.

Onsite and offsite work experiences for all pupils at Post 16 develop existing learning intentions in a variety of contexts and environments.

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Our pupils at Greenfields Specialist school for communication are prepared for successful transitions to their future destinations beyond GSSC.

Future providers are aware of pupils studies and the accreditation pathways achieved.