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Greenfields Specialist School for Communication

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Testimonials: 'Really happy with everything the school is doing...' 'Really informative and gave us the link to ... progress. She has developed so much since attending and we are all really pleased...' 'Extremely happy, very informative and lovely to hear all the progress that ... is making. Fantastic staff, very supportive and know ... very well...' 'Absolutely brilliant to hear all the new things ... can do in Conductive. All of the GSSC staff are fantastic and bring the best out of her...' 'Our child's progression in just 4 months here is massive...' 'I have attended my eight weeks placement in GSSC as a Mental Health Student Nurse... Everyone welcomed me and supported me through my learning journey. I have been given opportunities to work with Multi Disciplinary Team... I am very thankful to everyone who made my journey so amazing...' 'Absolutely brilliant time with the classes and children. You guys rock and it is great what you provide for these little stars...' 'Fabulous team, really supportive staff, the kids are lovely and couldn't be in better hands...' 'Such a devoted and brilliant team. The students have also been amazing. It is so clear how much they all care...' ' Really great and eye opening experience into SEND Schools. The school does a really great job...'


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At GSSC we use the agreed syllabus for RE in Northamptonshire. It plays an important part in preparing pupils for life in our modern world and supports developing their understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Our pupils take part in a number of religious celebrations spread across the year, with a focus on different faiths, culture and festivals. We focus on Knowledge, Skills and understanding and on experiencing key concepts and identifiable cultural values.

Our pupils learn about the similarities and differences, shared values and mutual understanding between different religions, which develop their responsibility within their own lives.

We nurture our pupil’s natural desire to learn about and explore their world and develop the confidence to question everything around them, at a level appropriate to them. We promote attitudes of respect towards others and provide an understanding of moral code.