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Greenfields Specialist School for Communication

Let Our World Be Your World


GSSC closes to pupils on Friday 16th February 2024 and reopens to pupils on Monday 26th February 2024 2024

Formal Curriculum


The formal curriculum at GSSC is an aspirational application of the skills gained and generalised at the semi-formal level.

Pupils working at the formal level are beginning to build knowledge foundations, deepening the learning in their role as ‘Researchers’ as they generalise skills gained as ‘Investigators’.


The impact of the Researchers group is felt across school. Pupils lead their own learning and gain knowledge in areas linked to their curriculum that they want to know more about. Melissa our Formal Curriculum Pastoral Lead takes care to guide learners to want to learn and to create learning opportunities that lead to interesting opportunities. This last year our Formal group of learners hosted a community tea dance and every other pupil was invited along to mingle with the guests, governors and staff and experience the community event. They have also planned and hosted whole school learning days like the E-Safety day where they used the curriculum requirements to build resource packs for their peers, delivering a wonderful sensory story and showing an understanding of empathetic learning.



Pupils continue to develop their learning through the aspects of engagement and the curriculum is as bespoke and individualised as the pre and semi-formal curriculums. Our subject areas are My Communication, My Citizenship, My Creativity, My Independence, My Physical Wellbeing, My Play and Leisure, My Thinking and Problem Solving, The World about Me, My Careers, My Art and more…

Of course we are also promoting SMSC and British Values, adding knowledge to skills.

We build the pupils self-belief by giving them the opportunities for independence, leading their own learning and that of their peers. Pupils are expected to problem solve and prepare for their new learning experiences, talking through their newly gained knowledge with opportunity for discussion and debate where possible. Pupils are aware of their targets and have ownership of next steps; personal best is discussed and pupils are involved in the ipsative assessment in order that their own learning is reaching as far as possible and their own challenges are built into their progress.

Communication remains at the core of what we do and lessons are scaffolded to create accessible learning opportunities.