Pupil Achievement Celebration

Each pupil at GSSC has an Annual Review; this is an opportunity to celebrate what has been achieved over the previous year with their Parents/Carers and relevant professionals.  Prior to the meeting the pupil discusses with class staff their likes and dislikes and then this is presented at the Annual Review by the pupil, using their own communication method.  Comments from school staff and their peers are also collected and shared.  A film montage is shown of photos and videos of the pupil from the past year.  Over their time in school this builds up to form a collection for the pupil showing how they have grown in terms of stature and independence as well as academically.

Annual Review

Two weeks before the meeting Parents/Carers receive a comprehensive school report containing information and photographs highlighting pupil progress and achievements from the previous year.

In the meeting pupil progress is discussed both in terms of statement, including objectives, as part of the legal requirement and how the pupil is generally performing in class and around school.  As well as the school’s view, the Parent/Carer has an opportunity to share their thoughts and input is given from any other relevant professionals present.

Transfer Review

Starting in September 2014 pupils are being transferred over to Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans following new Government guidance.  The plans are replacing statements and will stay with the pupil until they are 25 years old (as long as they continue in Education).  This is being phased in gradually with Years 9 and 11 (and any school leavers) being converted each year until all pupils have an EHC plan.  This process should be completed by July 2018.

The ‘Transfer Review’ takes place at the end of the Annual Review meeting with Parts 2 and 3 of the Statement being reviewed, aspirations for the pupil being considered and any Health/Social Care provisions in place being discussed.