At GSSC the majority of puils are working within the P Scale levels of progress (Pre- National Curriculum Levels) with a minority of pupils achieving National Curriculum Levels 1, 2 and 3.

How we track and monitor Progress and Attainment at GCSE

The Senior Leadership Team analyses pupils progress and attainment data using Northamptonshire Special School Quads (Proforma for reporting updated September 2013)

Quad 1a:  Progress Against Transition Matrices and/or SEN Progression Materials (End of Key Stage 3 and 4) including a three year summary.

Quad 1b:  Progress against CASPA (Comparison and Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment) prediction of each Key Stage Group KS2 –KS3 and KS3-4  and of each year group across the last year.

Quad 1c:  Accreditations attained over the last year

Quad 2:    Achievement of vulnerable groups or other sub-groups against whole-school data

Quad 3:    Individual progression and achievement compared against own targets

Quad 4:    Professional Judgement and Contextual Interpretation

Overall Judgement: of the Senior Leadership Team

Key Priorities:  Identified from the above process for the next academic year

Baseline Assessment

Assessment information is received from ‘feeder’ schools when pupils move to GSSC. This is usually in Year 7 but some pupils do join other year groups. Staff at GSSC also baseline pupils on entry and both these assessments are used as a basis for future assessments. Pupils on entry to Year 12 are baselined against Adult Milestones.

‘B squared’ Assessment Software Package

We use B squared, a computer package, to assess pupils progress in all subjects, in both the P Scales and National Curriculum levels, using small steps criteria which shows small increments of progress within each level. At Post 16 we assess pupils’ progress in Maths and English using Adult Milestones.

Target Setting

Individual progress targets for each pupils are set and monitored twice during the year (January and June). CASPA is used to track individual and cohort progress and identify any pupils not making the expected progress. A staff discussion takes place after each assessment point to discuss the issues raised and develop strategies to overcome under achievement. At this point assessment targets will be reviewed. An action plan for each pupil is formulated and progress monitored at the next meeting. We also monitor pupil progress against national expectations.


Every pupil has an Annual Review of their Statement of Special Educational Needs. As part of this process Parents and Carers receive a school report containing information and photographs about each subject, identifying achievements and progress towards Individual Education Plan targets and curriculum targets, whilst highlighting targets for the forthcoming year.

School Performance Tables can be found on the following website:

Greenfields Analysis of Pupils Progress and Attainment

pdf-icon ‘Quads 2014-2015’

pdf-icon ‘Quads 2015-2016’