All policies at GSSC are written to reflect Statutory Requirements or National Guidance and updated in accordance with this.  There are times when the Government or Local Authority provide updates to policies that are outside of the policy review schedules.  In such instances, an appendix will be added to policies to reflect these updates until the Governing Board can ratify these amended policies.  These appendices will supersede previously issued Statutory Requirements or National Guidance.

Any policies that are not listed on this website may be requested from the School Office.

GSSC January 2016

Please Note : The school’s Data Protection Policy is under review in line with the GDPR mandatory changes coming into place May 2018

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

We take our responsibilities for Safeguarding children and young people very seriously and follow the agreed Northamptonshire Child Protection procedures rigorously. We also teach our learners to keep themselves safe, both within the school grounds and in the wider world.

pdf-icon Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

pdf-icon Whistle- Blowing Policy

pdf-icon Children and Families Act

pdf-icon NSCB Neglect Strategy

pdf-icon Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers policy 2016

Public Sector Equality Duty Policy

This has been created under the Equality Act of 2010

pdf-icon Equality Newsletter

pdf-icon Equality Duty Policy 

Code of Conduct Policy

pdf-icon  Code of Conduct for All Adults 2016

Pupil Premium Policy 2017

pdf-icon  Pupil Premium Policy 2017 

Positive Intervention Behaviour Policy

pdf-icon Positive Intervention Behaviour Policy April 2018 

Anti-Bullying Policy

pdf-icon Anti-Bullying Policy

Complaints Policy

At Greenfields we have a strong commitment towards working in positive partnership with the whole school community.

pdf-icon Complaints Policy

Attendance Policy

pdf-icon Attendance Policy

SEN Report

pdf-icon SEN Report

SMSC Including promoting fundamental British Values Policy

pdf-icon SMSC Policy

First Aid, Health and Medications Policy

pdf-icon First Aid, Health and Medications Policy

E-Safety Policy

pdf-icon ESafety Policy

Supporting pupils in school with medical conditions

pdf-icon Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs in School policy 2016

Inclusion Policy

pdf-icon Inclusion Policy

Photography and Video Policy

pdf-icon Photography and Video Policy

Autism Policy

pdf-icon Autism Policy

Health and Safety Policy

pdf-icon  Health and Safety Policy 2016

SRE Policy

pdf-icon SRE Policy

MSI Policy

pdf-icon MSI Policy

RE and Collective Worship Policy

pdf-icon RE and Collective Worship Policy

Communication Policy

pdf-icon Communication Policy

Careers Policy

pdf-icon Careers Policy

Post 16 Policy

pdf-icon Post 16 Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

pdf-icon Acceptable-Use-Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

pdf-icon Teaching and Learning policy 2016