Between them, GSSC Governors have a broad knowledge of SEN, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Parental Involvement and Support, Human Resources, Finance and Education.

The full Governing Board meets a minimum of three times a year. There are two other smaller committees that also meet regularly. The Curriculum Committee, which includes the Assistant Head with responsibility for curriculum, monitors subject policies, has subject presentations from the coordinators, on a rota basis to ensure coverage of all subjects, and the members also observe lessons with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The School Business Committee, which includes the Headteacher, Deputy Head, Chair of Governors, School Business and Transformation Manager and other member of the Governing board, monitors policies and discusses issues relating to Human Resources, Health and Safety and Finance.

Chair of Governors: Cathy Chaplin

Vice Chair: Steve Jackson

Clerk to Governors: Peter Earl

Parent Governors:  Vicky Fowler

Local Authority Governor:

Community Governor: Steve Jackson, Cathy Chaplin, vacancy

Staff Governors: Lisa Atack (Headteacher), Donna Perry (Family Liaison Officer, Sara Stubbs Office Admin Manager

Associate Governors: Tracy Phillips (Deputy Headteacher), Terry Hollowell (School Business Manager), and Claire Frogley (Assistant Headteacher) and Helen Blight (Assistant Headteacher)

If you could like to contact any of the Governors then please do so by telephoning the School Office on 01604 741960 and the Office Staff will ensure that a Governor contacts you.

If you would like information about the role of school governors or how to become a school governor you can find information at the National Governance Association. Alternatively, please contact Tracy Phillips, Deputy Headteacher, email address:

Governor Personal Statements

Cathy Chaplin – Chair of Governors/Community Governor

Term of Office February 2015 – February 2018

I have been a governor since December 2014 (before the school converted to an academy in February 2015) and sit on the Finance Committee. I also have an interest in data and safeguarding so attend Curriculum Committee. I am now retired following a career initially in Local Authority Audit and subsequently in Financial Services.
I am a lay member of the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children’s Board and also act as Finance Officer for a local church and as treasurer at a small theatre.

Having three grown up children and two grandchildren I have a keen interest in the education and care of children and young adults. I hope that I can use my work experience and management skills to effectively contribute to the ongoing success of this school.

Peter Earl  Clerk to Governors

I am married with two daughters, one of whom is just starting her career in education.  I thoroughly enjoy my connection to GSSC and never cease to be amazed at the fantastic work they do, with so many wonderful young people.

Steve Jackson – Vice Chair\Community Governor

Term of Office September 2016 – September 2019

I am new a new governor at GSSC starting September 2016.  I have had a connection to the school for the last few years delivering lifesaving training for the staff who supervise the hydro pool.  I have worked professionally with schools for the last 17 years through the county council.


I am looking forward to working closely with the school to contribute to the fantastic work they do and its ongoing success.


Staff Governors

Lisa Atack – Headteacher/Accounting Officer

Sara Stubbs – Office Admin Manager (Term of Office February 2015 – February 2018)

Donna Perry – Family Liaison Officer (Term of Office September 2016 – September 2019)